Q: What is VXR.Direct?

A: VXR.Direct is VictoryXR’s subscription-based education platform to distribute educational virtual and augmented reality content.  Think of it as our version of Steam or Netflix.  You download the programs to the computer like Steam, but it uses a subscription-based model like Netflix.

Q: Why don’t I see any apps in the store app list?

A: To view the apps, you must first select the type of device you’re using by clicking on the blue text (shown in the image) and selecting your device from the list

Q: I just installed an app to my Quest headset. Why don’t I see it in my library?

A: To view the apps on this devices, you’ll need to navigate to your app library. At the top right corner of the window, you’ll see a dropdown that says All. Change that to Unknown Sources to see your installed apps. Check out the Install to a Mobile Headset page, under the Launching an App section for more details

Q: Why don’t I see all of the apps, listed on the VXR.Direct website, in my store list?

A: Not all apps are available for all headsets. Check our compatibility list here

Q: Can VXR.Direct be installed a phone or a headset?

A: No.  It downloads and installs on a PC.  However, you can install the units themselves to a headset or a phone.

Q: Will VXR.Direct work on a Mac or Linux?

A: No, and it won’t work on a Virtual Machine either. VXR.Direct is Only Windows compatible

Q: Is this based on a subscription, or do I buy units individually?

A: VXR.Direct is based on a subscription model.  Subscriptions are purchased through the software itself when you make an account.  When you buy a subscription, you have access to the entire VXR.Direct library as long as your subscription lasts.  You do not have to pay extra for other units.

Q: What devices are compatible with VXR.Direct?

A: So far, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive, Vive Focus Plus, Vive Focus 3, Pico, Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 3, and Windows Mixed Reality. Check our device compatibility site to see what apps are available for your headset

Q: I’ve plugged in my mobile device (Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Pico) to the computer, but it has not been authorized.  What should I do?

A: Your device must be in Developer Mode with the “Debug USB” setting on.

Q: I want use multiple headsets with VXR.Direct.  How would I do that?

A: VXR.Direct does allow you to use multiple headsets to one subscription.  You specify that number when you purchase your subscription.  Your account is not associated with any particular devices from the get-go, so you can install and uninstall from any devices you would like, as long as the total number of devices associated is under the maximum number you initially specified.  Think of the number of devices like vouchers, which are redeemed when installing, and refunded when uninstalling.

Q: I’ve already installed a unit on my PC/Mobile headset.  Can I play the unit without using VXR.Direct?

A: Yes you can.  However, you will have to enter your login info before you are able to enter the unit itself.  Playing through VXR.Direct let’s you bypass that scene.

Q: Can I play a unit that was not installed by my account?

Yes you can.  When logging into the unit that your account did not install, you will presented with the option to associate with that unit on that particular machine with your account.  If you have enough machines still available, the device you are playing on will be associated with your account.

Q: I would like to unsubscribe to VXR.Direct.  How do I accomplish that?

A: Contact cassie@victoryxr.com and ask to cancel your subscription.