Install to a Mobile Headset

Using an Oculus or Pico Device? You’ll need to put it in Developer Mode

First the content is downloaded to your computer and then VXR.Direct installs it to your device. Follow these steps to get started!

Selecting Your Device

First you need to select the type of device you’ll be installing to. Click the blue text, circled in the image

A new window with a list of compatible devices will appear. Check only the device you are using and click apply.
When you return to the main VXR.Direct window, the store on the left will be populated with all of the apps available for your device

Video Tutorial

NOTE: Please complete Selecting Your Device section above

Downloading Content

Once you’ve selected your device, select your desired app from the selection on the left. On the right side, make sure in the Platform dropdown, your device type is selected

Click the Download button on the right (shown in the image below)

At the bottom of the window, you will see a progress bar for your download (shown in the image above). Once this is complete, move on to the Installing to Headset section

NOTE: You can continue to browse other apps while waiting for your download to complete

Installing to Headset

First make sure your headset is plugged in. When you first plug in, you should receive a notification in the headset to “Allow access to data”. You’ll need to accept this. Next, select the Install button on the right side of the window

NOTE: This will show that your app is installing at the bottom of the window, however, no progress bar will be shown. Once the text says No processes running you are ready to move to the next section

For each headset that you install an app on, the number of machines used will increment by 1. If you’ve reached your limit, you will no longer be able to install the app to a new headset. Click on the blue machine count text to view which headsets this app is currently installed on

Checking the Library

Click on the Library tab to see all of the content currently downloaded on your computer. The pages on the right function the same as they do on the Store page

Launching an App

There are two ways to launch a Mobile app:

1. While plugged in, select Play to launch the app on connected headsets. A verification screen will appear. You will have the option to skip the verification screen if you are launching the unit from VXR.Direct

2. Launch the app directly from your headset’s library

NOTE: If you are using a Quest Device follow these additional steps:

  1. Go to your app library
  2. In the top right corner of the window, click the dropdown that says All
  3. At the bottom, click Unknown Sources
  4. Your installed apps will now appear

Uninstalling an App

Click Uninstall to remove an app from all connected headsets. The installation count will decrease by 1 for each headset, allowing you to install the content on a different headset

Click Delete to remove the setup files from your computer to save space

Having issues? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section