Install & Subscribe

VXR.Direct is for Windows-only.  It will not work on a Mac, Linux or Virtual Machine

  1. Click the left image to install VXR.Direct

  2. Create an account through VXR.Direct software

  3. Buy a subscription while creating an account

VXR.Direct works with both tethered AND mobile headsets.

  • Accounts created and subscriptions made through VXR.Direct software itself.
  • For tethered headsets, units installed directly to your PC and played through VXR.Direct or through your Start Menu
  • PC units work with all tethered headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and WMR.
  • For mobile headsets, this is a brand new system to simplify the loading process.  Works with multiple headsets at once.
  • VXR.Direct will ONLY work on Windows PC.  It will not work on Mac, Linux, or Virtual Machine.



Installing, Signing Up, and Subscribing

Click on the up and down arrows near the bottom of the screen to scroll through the PDF.

1-Install_and_Sign_Up (1)

Units for Tethered Headsets

2-Install Guide PC

Units for Mobile Devices

3-Install Guide Mobile (2)