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1:1 VR for the Classroom with the Pico Goblin

The Pico Goblin makes enjoying high quality VR affordable and easy

  • Its innovative design offers teachers and students alike an all-in-one VR solution.
  • Ideal ed-tech solution both for homes and schools
  • Perfect for tackling a homework project or more involved learning in the classroom.

The Pico Goblin is a great initial step into VR for schools that do not yet employ the technology within their learning environments.

  • Pico Goblin headsets for $250* each in classroom bundles
  • 20 classroom headsets for $5,000
  • One year Pico commercial warranty
  • Headsets are wireless and do not require a computer to run them
  • Includes hub for multi-headset charging and software download
  • Named one of the Top VR Headsets of 2018
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable, lightweight storage case for easy transport

*compare to $269 if bought at commercial locations

Pico Goblin – 5x Bundle

Pico Goblin – 10x Bundle

Pico Goblin – 15x Bundle

Pico Goblin – 20x Bundle