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VR Field Trips: Arapaho, Ute, & The Trail of Tears

-Explore Colorado & Utah while learning about the areas where these native tribes thrived.
-Learn about Chief Little Raven, Chief Ouray, and Chipeta and the many accomplishments through their leadership.
-Understand how the Spanish influenced changes to their tribal way of life.
-Understand how the topography of the western United States was formed.
-Trace the path (through multiple states) of the Trail of Tears.
-See the site of the Lost Cemetery.
-Learn about the causes, including the Indian Removal Act, that forced the mass exodus.
-Understand President Jackson’s role in this historical event.

  • Age Group: All Ages
  • Category: Modern History
  • Platform: Pico Neo 3/4
  • Runtime: 20 min.

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