-Understand the impact of heat and wind on ocean currents and tides.
-Scour this interactive word puzzle to find all 20 key terms related to physics and energy.
-Energy forms and transfer methods are distilled down with clear visuals to help learn about the various types.
-Learn about force, mass, and gravity as it relates to different types of fields.
-Test out a bunch of easy-to-do experiments with Wendy Martin, national award winning science teacher.
-All lessons are based on Next Gen Science Standards.
-All units are related to the concept of energy.
-See all of our VictoryVR units spanning 48 units of science.

  • Age Group: Middle School
  • Categories: Life Science, Physical Science
  • Platforms: HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Go, Vive Focus, Pico, Lenovo Mirage, Oculus Quest, Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 3/4
  • NGSS: MS-PS2-3, MS-PS2-4, MS-PS2-5, MS-PS3-5, MS-PS3-3
  • Runtime: 25-35 min.

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