Registration Tutorial

Video Instructions

To register, click the Register button shown in the image below

Creating a New Account

On the Registration page, enter a User ID and a Password for your new account. Complete the remaining fields with your information.

NOTE: Password must be at least 10 characters long and must include one number and one symbol.

Purchasing a Subscription

Check which type of subscription you would like to purchase, as well as the number of headsets associated with the subscription. The number of headsets is the maximum number of installations you can make with each individual app.

When you have finished your selection, click on the Checkout button. This will take you to our Shopify site to complete your order.

Once the payment is complete, click on the Subscribe button to complete your account.

What’s next?

Have an Oculus or Pico Device? You’ll need to put it in Developer Mode

Go Here To Learn how to Install to a Mobile Headset

Go Here To Learn how to Install to a Tethered Headset

What’s the difference?

A mobile headset is a headset that operate without being connected to a computer. Examples of this are the Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive Focus and Pico Neo 3. On the other hand, a tethered headset requires a computer to run content. Examples of this are the Oculus Rift and the HP Reverb G2.

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