Teaching students about the structure and function of cells and their organelles can be a difficult task, and even more so when those tiny cell organelles are elusive and hard to see. Ready to take your cell organelle instruction to the next level? Grab a headset and let Mel and Gerdy guide your students as they take a virtual “walk” through a museum gallery all about cells and their organelles. Students start with a short video about endosymbiosis that introduces them to theory of organelle evolution. Then, students have freedom to explore the museum at their leisure. Each area of the museum is organized into logical wings that teach students about what cells are, the different types of cells and how they function. Afterward, students take a ten-question quiz about what they’ve learned. Are you ready to get your Nerdy on? Let’s go!

  • Age Group: Middle School
  • Category: Life Science
  • Platforms: Pico, Pico Neo 2, Vive Focus 3
  • Runtime: 20-30 min.

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