A pipefitter, sometimes called a steamfitter, fits various piping that is often meant to deal with high pressure. It is common for a pipefitter to layout and design a piping system before executing the design of that system using precise measurements and welding equipment. Pipefitters may also be asked to inspect existing pipes and perform any necessary maintenance.

A pipefitter needs a high school diploma and additional training through either a vocational school, an apprenticeship, or on the job training. They must also have strong math skills and have the ability to use various hand tools.

Trade jobs are an important part of what helps communities function. Learn about the Pipefitter trade and what they do on a daily basis by following along on a job shadow with an actual Pipefitter.

  • Age Group: All Ages
  • Category: Job Shadow
  • Platform: Oculus Quest
  • Runtime: 5 min.

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