Installation Tutorial

What is VXR.Direct?

Why do you need to install the VXR.Direct software on your computer if this is Virtual Reality content for a VR headset? VXR.Direct is a software that let’s you access our library of content. Once this software is installed, you can easily install anything from our library to your device!

Video Instructions


Type “VXR.Direct/install” into your browser’s address bar or click here

Click on the image circled in red. This will begin your download.

NOTE: When downloading, you may see a message from Windows Defender. This is because our product is new. Click “MORE INFO” then “RUN ANYWAY” to continue downloading.


Open the setup.exe and follow the setup instructions to install VXR.Direct to your computer.

You should now see the VXR.Direct icon on your desktop. Double click this icon to start VXR.Direct

You can now log in if you already have an account. If not, you can register right inside VXR.Direct by clicking Register

Continue on to the Registration Page for instructions on how to register.

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