Install (Old)

To install VXR.Direct, click the image on the left

VXR.Direct works with both tethered AND mobile headsets.

  • For tethered headsets, units are installed directly to your PC and can be played through VXR.Direct or through your Start Menu
  • PC units work with all tethered headsets: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and WMR.
  • For mobile headsets, this is a brand new system specifically designed for educators to simplify the process of loading content onto multiple headsets.
  • VXR.Direct will ONLY work with a Windows PC.  It will not work with a Mac, Linux, or Virtual Machine.


1. Open the setup .exe to begin installation

2. Follow the setup to get VXR.Direct installed on your computer.

3. When booting up VXR.Direct, you may see prompt to install a new build.  This will keep you updated with the latest version of VXR.Direct.

4. First, you will see a log-in screen.  If you already have an account, you can log in by filling out the fields and clicking Log In.  Otherwise, you can create a new account by clicking Register. Checking the “Keep Me Logged In” box will let you skip this step every time you boot up VXR.Direct and remember what user you are.

5. On the registration page, you can enter your username and password and your account details.  Be sure to make a complex password you can also remember. We do not record your password, and we will not use your e-mail for any purposes.

6. The first page you see once you log in is the store.  On the left-hand side is the list of currently available units.  On the right-hand side is the info of the currently selected unit.  You can see the description of the unit, its runtime, categories, and other useful information.

7. If you are a teacher and want to use a unit as part of a lesson plan, VXR.Direct comes with pdf’s with instructions on how to best optimize for the classroom, as well as what activities cover what NGSS standards.  Click on the red box to see.

8. You may also notice you cannot download yet.  See that red box in the upper-right corner? That shows you are not yet subscribed.  To get a subscription, place an order at on the VXR.Direct sign up page. Once you have placed your order, e-mail and ask for subscription authentication.

Installing PC Units

9. Once you have subscribed, you can begin downloading.  Simply click on the download button and wait for it to finish.  You can also browse other units while waiting.

10. Click on the Library Tab in the upper right corner.  Here, you can see all the units that have been downloaded on your machine.  The pages on the right work just like they do on the store page.

11. Now install the file onto your PC by clicking on the install button.  It will pull up a window to help you install the unit.

12. Upon installation, you can see that the installation count has been incremented in the red box.  This keeps track of the unit’s installation across all machines.

13. By clicking on the box, you can see what machines the unit has been installed on with your account.

14. Clicking the Play button will get you playing the unit right away.

15. You may also play from the Program Files without having to open up VXR.Direct.  However, you will have to have your account verified.

16. Clicking the uninstall button will uninstall the unit from your machine.  It will also subtract 1 from your installation count, giving you the opportunity to install on another machine if you so wish.  Furthermore, the delete button will delete the setup files from your computer so you can save space.

Mobile Units

17. VXR.Direct works with both PC and mobile units.  Some units are available for multiple platforms. Click on the drop-down box highlighted in red to change the platform, and it will change the status in the page to match the specific information for that platform.

18. Click on the devices tab.  Click on one of the devices on the left-hand side.  You will see all the VictoryVR/XR units installed on that device.  Clicking on the Refresh button will refresh the list for devices added or removed.

(Oculus Go and Oculus Quest need to be authorized before using VXR.Direct.  The following steps 18-26 will help you get it set up.)

19. Message us at to get an Oculus Developer account set up.

20. Sign in to the account we provided for you on the Oculus app.

21. Under “Settings”, find your device by its serial number and click on it.

22. Click on “More Settings”.

23. Click on “Developer Mode”.

24. Make sure the slider is on (blue).

25. Plug in the headset to the PC through USB. 

26. You should see a prompt to “Enable USB Debugging.”  Click “OK”.

27. On the VXR.Direct under the “Devices” tab, the device must display as “Authorized” for it to work.

(End of Oculus Go and Oculus Quest setup)

28. Mobile units are downloaded much like their PC counterparts.  Simply press the Download button to begin.

29. Pressing the Install button installs the unit onto all connected headsets.  Much like PC units, this increments your install count once per headset, and your devices can be tracked on the same machine page.

30. Pressing the Play button plays it on all headsets right away.  They can be played through the headsets themselves, but you must go through an account verification screen to play them.  On Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, they can be found in Library -> Unknown Sources.

31. Pressing the “Uninstall” button uninstalls the unit on all connected headsets.  The “Delete” button deletes the mobile file from your computer if you wish to save space.

32. ENJOY VXR.Direct!

33. Download VXR.Direct Instructions (PDF)