-If you’re going to learn about genetics, do it immersed in our virtual world.
-This unit occurs in our underwater research lab.
-Take a side trip to the ancient library and open magical books that hold the mysteries of our chromosomes.
-Beware the floating head and the hovering eyeballs.
-Wendy, the Science Teacher teaches us about genetic tests and how we can learn the mysteries contained within our own genes and chromosomes.
-Read a comic book about Gregor Mendel and learn how genetic traits were discovered by raising flowers.
-Take a journey in a special museum where you control your teleporting as you visit amazing lifesize experiences all based on cellular division.
-All experiences are based on the Next Gen Science Standards

  • Age Group: High School
  • Category: Life Science
  • Subcategory: Bio I
  • Platforms: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Go, Vive Focus, Pico, Lenovo Mirage, Oculus Quest, Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 3/4, Vive Focus 3
  • NGSS: HS-LS3-1, HS-LS3-3, HS-LS1-4
  • Runtime: 30-40 min.

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