Life Science


Mammalian Organ Pack Dissection

Dissections,High School,HTC Vive,Life Science,Oculus Rift,Science,Windows Mixed Reality

Wendy Martin, a national award-winning science teacher and a host of our VR science curricula, has been digitized to provide real-time instruction to users. And, just like our award-winning curriculum...


Big Cat Rescue VR

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Did you know the tiger could go extinct in the wild, in YOUR lifetime? It’s not too late to save them! Become a wildcat tracker assistant and learn how to find and protect tigers in the wild. Assist...


VR Squid and Seastar Dissection

Dissections,High School,HTC Vive,Life Science,Oculus Quest,Oculus Rift,Science,Windows Mixed Reality

VictoryXR’s virtual squid and sea star dissections software is a hands-on opportunity experienced through the power of VR. Join Wendy Martin, national award-winning science teacher, to guide you through...


Life Science – 360 Virtual Field Trips

High School,Life Science,Middle School,Science

Take a trip to visit a blood drive, travel to Nags Head Beach in North Carolina or visit cows at a farm in Iowa all for about the price of a hamburger. VictoryXR virtual field trips allow you (or...


Biology II – 360 Virtual Field Trip

Bio II,High School,Life Science,Science

Take a trip to Chicago, travel the United States to learn about photosynthesis or learn about ecological succession at Yellowstone National Park all for about the price of a hamburger. VictoryXR virtual...


Biology I – 360 Virtual Field Trip

Bio I,High School,Life Science,Science

Take a trip to Wilridge Farm and Vinyard, travel to The Chesapeake Bay or help solve a murder mystery all for about the price of a hamburger. VictoryXR virtual field trips allow you (or students) to...


Pteranodon’s Flight

All Ages,High School,Life Science,Middle School,Science

Welcome to Pteranodon’s Flight! This high-speed action game allows you to take control of one of history’s greatest flying predators. Dip, dive, swoop and soar as you hunt for prey, weave...


Mel & Gerdy: Cells VR

High School,Life Science,Middle School,Pico,Pico Neo 2,Science,Vive Focus 3

Teaching students about the structure and function of cells and their organelles can be a difficult task, and even more so when those tiny cell organelles are elusive and hard to see. Ready to take your...


Triceratops Ranch

All Ages,Featured,High School,HTC Vive,Life Science,Middle School,Oculus Rift,Pico Neo 2,Science,Top Titles,Trending,Windows Mixed Reality

Discover & Explore Triceratops Ranch Saddle up and free roam this beautiful prehistoric island with your partner, Frankie, the Triceratops. Together you will ride through lush forests and harsh...


Analog vs. Digital: Battle of the Waves

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-Check out this unique telescope and learn how its function improves our view of the world. -Use boulders to defeat oncoming ogres by answering science questions correctly in this heart-racing interactive...