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VR Field Trips: Hoover Dam and Las Vegas

All Ages,High School,History,Modern History,Natural History,Pico Neo 3,Pico Neo 3/4

-Learn about how and why the Hoover Dam was constructed.n -Understand the impact of the Hoover Dam to surrounding states (CA, CO, NV, AZ, UT, WY).n -See how hydroelectricity powers the Las Vegas strip,...


VR Field Trips: Arapaho, Ute, & The Trail of Tears

All Ages,High School,History,Modern History,Pico Neo 3,Pico Neo 3/4

-Explore Colorado & Utah while learning about the areas where these native tribes thrived. -Learn about Chief Little Raven, Chief Ouray, and Chipeta and the many accomplishments through their...


VR Field Trips: Grand Canyon & Petrified Forest

All Ages,High School,History,Natural History,Pico Neo 2,Pico Neo 3,Pico Neo 3/4

Understand how and when the Grand Canyon was formed. Learn about various Native American tribes who have inhabited the area over different periods of time. Comprehend John Powell’s and President Teddy...


VR Field Trips: Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, & Tulsa

All Ages,High School,History,Modern History,Oculus Quest,Pico,Pico Neo 2,Pico Neo 3,Pico Neo 3/4

-Learn about the legacy of Rosa Parks and her contribution to the 1950s American Civil Rights Movement -Understand Martin Luther King Jr.’s role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. -Stand in front of the...


Pteranodon’s Flight

All Ages,High School,Life Science,Middle School,Science

Welcome to Pteranodon’s Flight! This high-speed action game allows you to take control of one of history’s greatest flying predators. Dip, dive, swoop and soar as you hunt for prey, weave...


Triceratops Ranch

All Ages,Featured,High School,HTC Vive,Life Science,Middle School,Oculus Rift,Pico Neo 2,Science,Top Titles,Trending,Windows Mixed Reality

Discover & Explore Triceratops Ranch Saddle up and free roam this beautiful prehistoric island with your partner, Frankie, the Triceratops. Together you will ride through lush forests and harsh...


Learn English: Basic Conversations

All Ages,English For Life,High School,High School and Up,Languages,Vive Focus

Mandarin speakers: Learn and practice English using lessons from Oxford University Press within a virtual reality world. Be immersed in VR as you learn the elements of basic conversation, including: 1....