Did you know the tiger could go extinct in the wild, in YOUR lifetime? It’s not too late to save them! Become a wildcat tracker assistant and learn how to find and protect tigers in the wild. Assist in the search of a missing tiger through a guided forest experience with a Big Cat Rescue tracker named Jamie. Learn about the different ways to spot a tiger by looking for paw prints, scrape marks on trees, cat scat and the sounds of their prey. Perfect your tracking skills with every new clue you find. Find and rescue a tiger who has been snared by poachers by sedating her while learning all about the veterinary process involved. Release the tiger back into the wild to see what her life is all about. When you return to the ranger station you will discover how you can stop tiger farming and poaching in the real world. You can select this experience to play in either English or Spanish.

  • Age Group: All Ages
  • Category: Life Science
  • Runtime: 10-15 min.

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